43 Year Old Ikorodu Man Reveals His Secret...


"Here is The NEWLY DISCOVERED  Natural Breakthrough Solution That Is Made Over 987 Nigerian Men Last 15-25 Minutes Longer In Bed & Bigger Penis, When Every Other Recommended Solution Has Failed!"


No Hard Drugs, No Surgery, No Side Effects...


Men Who Release Quick In Bed During SEX With Their Women Always Ask::

"Why should I believe that this natural solution will help me last 15 - 25 minutes in bed?"

Here are the reasons:

FIRST - This natural solution is not like the "chemical based drugs" you have been using.

This pack is made up of a pack of Natural made supplements that would get rid off toxins that causes premature ejaculation or any erectile dysfunction of any kind in your system...

...so that you will be able to perform naturally without being hooked on hard drugs, which have serious side effects.

That is What The Supplements Included In This Natural PreJack Solution Kit Does:

SECONDLY - It has been proven over and over by many Nigerian men like yourself who have used this natural solution to completely satisfy their woman in bed, who once insulted them but now begging them for sex.

Don't just accept our word for it.

Here Are Some of the Unbelievable Testimonies From People Who Have Used This Proven Natural Solution to Kick Out Premature Ejaculation From Their Lives

Permit Us to Introduce You to Our Unique Natural Premature Ejaculation Solution Kit:

This Natural Solution Kit is a pack of different supplements made from natural ingredients (not chemicals) and they offer a 100% natural, safe, and powerful treatment that works by eliminating every obstacles that is making you perform only 2 minutes in bed...

Here Is How It Works;

FIRST, it deals with all the impurities in your system causing you to release quick, so that you will perform longer.

NEXT, it returns your body to perfect state, boosting your libido and sex drive, so that you will be able to desire having sex naturally whenever you woman calls for it, even if in the kitchen

AND FINALLY, it ensures that you sperm is thick and your organism so powerful, that will make your woman want you more and more.

And it does all of these, naturally, leaving NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS whatsoever.

By the way, we didn't create this solution.

This natural remedy is the outcome of countless studies conducted over 15 years by a US company that has spent thousand of naira in getting the "right formula" that can eliminate premature ejaculation and any other erectile dysfunction

As a result, Nigerian man who were in your EXACT same situation are now powerful man, having their women begging them for more sex almost everyday. You have already read some of their testimonies above.

What is Included in this
Natural Premature Ejaculaion Solution Kit?

Each pack of our Natural Premature Ejaculation Solution Kit contains the following powerful supplements:

Ryde-On contains potent medicinal plants such as Trigonella foenum- graecum and sphenocentrum jollyanum pierre. The health benefits and medicinal properties of these herbal plants are known since antiquity.

It has been internationally known for to give men superb natural energy, increase libido, cure premature ejaculation from the roots and sexual potency when taken daily

1 Tube Of XXL Penis Enlargement Gel

XXL Enlargement Gel” XXL Gel is an extremely EFFECTIVE Manhood Enlargement that is so popular that it’s used my men in Big cities like Paris, Tokyo & New York.

This 100% Natural Gel Made from herbal extracts will gradually gives you “Python” size manhood I less that 4 weeks, so your woman scream your name and open her mouth wide in EXCITEMENT any time you slide it in!

It contains 100% herbal ingredient and it’s used by men in American & British Men to have a bigger blokos!

With this...

....you can have an extra 3 - 6inches in less than 3 weeks to please your women


Our "Special Nigerian Defined Dosage Plan" To Ensure You Get the Best From These Supplements:

Over time, we have found out that the way you combine and use this supplements also affect the results you get.

So, when you order for your pack of this Natural PreJack Solution Kit, you will never have no need of any doctor, herbalist or specialist to come to your rescue. You will become fully competent to handle any woman who dares you.

How Safe Are These Products?

These products are totally safe for you, either you are a Vegetarian, Christian or Muslim.

It has other national and international seals which include but not limited to the The Halal Seal


And finally, it has the approval of our own NAFDAC.

So you see, that you are well covered with the best of the best natural solutions you can ever find in the market. Not even one fertility drug has all of these seal of approvals and international recognized.


It’s Time To Join The League Of
Capable Nigerian Men Who Are Making
Their Women Scream Their Name
For More Sex!



It’s Time To Prove To Your Woman That You Are A Real Man & Champion Lover In Bed!

But the question is: Would you do it?

Are you willing to try a natural therapy that has worked for several other Nigerians like you?

We know you are afraid - You are probably thinking - "What if it does not work?"

But the right question you should be asking is -


"What if it does work to help you
and makes your woman think of nothing else but having YOU in bed EVERY NIGHT?"


And we know it will, because it took the manufacturers over 30 years of research to create this supplements and it has worked for other people.

There is no risk involved.

Of course, like any other real solution, long lasting solution, this Natural Premature Ejaculation Solution Kit will cost some money.

But what is money compared to the inner peace you have
that your woman can never cheat on you because you can't perform well in bed?

We both know that keeping your woman and your confidence as a real man is far better than money.

It brings joy to our faces too when we receive the testimonies from people who have used this natural solution after they have wasted cash trying so many things that didn't work.

We want to receive your own testimony as well very soon.


Before you go ahead and order for your pack of this Natural Solution Kit, we have something extra for you::


Yes, I would pay from my own pocket, the delivery fee of the Natural Solution Kit to you, be it in Sambisa Forest.

That would be handled by me. It is my gift to YOU!



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A lot of men are too boring in bed. That is why sometimes their women simply ignore them when they ask for it

This ebook would show you 8 hot positions that you and your woman would find both exciting and pleasurably satisfying.

HINT: The number 3 position is very powerful to make cum 2 to 4 times before you finish Round 1.

NB: These Books Are In Digital Format, Precisely Adobe Reader (PDF Document) So It Would Be Sent To Your Email Address ONLY AFTER YOUR RECEIVE YOUR ORDER



This kit will boost your chances to become a powerful man who can last 15 - 25 minutes longer without any side effects

However, here is the problem.

It can take up to 3 days depending on the state of your body, before you see effects.

So if you are not patient enough to wait for at least 3 days for the effect of the supplements to set in, then this might not be for you.

But if you follow through our instructions and you don't notice any significant changes, then contact us for your full refund of cash.

We will not only refund you the cash but also call you personally to apologize for wasting your time, while you keep the remaining part of the full kit.




  • You'll Have an Unfair Advantage Over Other Men..... 

  • You'll no longer be worried that your woman's ex-boyfriends lasted longer or satisfied them better...

  • You'll Experience Life-Changing, Permanent Results Over Time...

  • You'll Last Much Longer - (Tonight Included) It's a sad fact - that the average guy can only last 2 to 6 minutes...

  • You'll witness immense improvements in yourself with massively increased sexual energy and stamina - make love with the "GO" of a teenager!

  • You will have better sex. More enjoyable sex. Sex that she tells her friends about.

  • You Will have Longer and more explosive extended orgasms and be able to give her them too!

  • Your self-esteem and confidence in the sack will shoot sky-high across the roof. You will get good in bed, and you'll know you are!

  • You'll Last long enough to please her, again and again, every time she ask of it.

  • You would feel healthy and complete again as a man.

  • You wold not be enslaved into using Harm Drugs, Creams Or Herbs just to make love to your partner.

  • No need of any doctor, herbalist or specialist to come to your rescue. You will become fully competent to handle any woman who dares you.


Yes, all of these can happen, only if you choose to stop becoming the victim.

And you have the chance, by ordering for your Natural PreJack Solution Kit today and join thousands of Nigeria men that have been able to to restore their self esteem and confidence as men using the supplements in this pack.


How Much Is The Natural Solution Kit?


In order not to beat the bush, here are the prices of each of the supplements

Ryde-On goes for N17,000 while...

XXL Gel goes for N15,000 and

Together, it goes for N32,000 only

But here is the thing; I know YOU WANT THIS PRODUCT.

I also know you might procrastinate getting it till you eventually forget.


So to get you to act now, I would knock off N10,500 (yes N10,500 off) from the original price before the end of today

After 11:59pm of today, it goes up to it's original price of N32,000.

So, there you have it. I've actually given you a reward for not procrastinating a chance to change your life forever

Don't Even Overthink It.

Don't delay. Order now before the price increases.



Get A Pack of Our Natural PreJack Mini-Kit Today And All The Bonuses Today For Just ....

N21,500 Only




To Order/Buy, Simply Text The Product Code: "PreJack" with the following details below;

* Your Full Name
* Your Phone Number
* Your Email Address
* Your Full Address ( Include Local Govt. and State )

Send These Information as Text Message to:


E.g PreJack, John Doe, 08090876879, johndoe@Yahoo.com, 7 Solumi Street, Sultan LGA, Ogba, Lagos

As soon as you place your order, you will be called to confirm your order.

As soon as your order is confirmed, your package will be shipped to you immediately wherever you are in Nigeria.

And by the time you lay your hands on these supplements, we believe you will want to tell as many people as possible about them.

In case you have some questions at the back of your mind that you need answers to, feel free to call any of our help lines.

You can call 08187337408

Uncle George

Place your order NOW while this is still on your mind.


Your One-Time Investment
For Natural Solution Kit Today
Ends By 11:59pm Today
N21,500 Only


To Order/Buy, Simply Text The Product Code: "PreJack" with the following details below;

* Your Full Name
* Your Phone Number
* Your Email Address
* Your Full Address ( Include Local Govt. and State )

Send These Information as A Text Message to


E.g PreJack, John Doe, 08090876879, johndoe@Yahoo.com, 7 Solumi Street, Sultan LGA, Ogba, Lagos

As soon as you place your order, you will be called to confirm your order.

P.S: Because of the great customer demand, you may have to call two or three times before getting through on the phone.

Don't stop trying. It is more than worth it.



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